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Our Digital Marketing Audits - How do they work?

We provide a wide range of free digital marketing audits which we make unique to each and every business. There are no expectations attached to this other than discussing the results of the report during a call.


After you choose which audit you need, one of our digital marketing professionals will do an extensive analysis of your website or campaign. Within a few days, you'll get the results of your free digital marketing audit, and a full evaluation of what we found, including particular areas that need improvement for marketing purposes as well as straightforward and useful recommendations.


To learn more about the various audits we can perform for you, read on below.

Digital Marketing Audit

A Digital Marketing Audit is the perfect way to help you understand your current situation and develop a plan to reach your desired goals.


The more specific audits look at just one area of your digital marketing and more information about these can be found further down this page.

The comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit is created to serve as an extensive overview of your digital marketing, with no long-term commitment required from you. Your information will also be kept entirely confidential. Below are some of the areas included in our free digital marketing audit:

Top-level Digital Marketing Audit covers:

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Website Overview

  • PPC and other digital advertising channels

  • Digital Marketing Continuity Planning

  • Website Technical

  • Online Competitor Analysis

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Website Analysis and Measurement

  • Website Quality Assurance

SEO Audit

Mercia Digital's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit is designed to help you understand why your website may not be as successful in Search Engine Rankings as you want it to be.


Mercia Digital provides comprehensive SEO reports from our team of experienced digital marketing professionals to help you understand what it will take to improve your website's visibility and traffic. This includes both national, and local SEO audits, as well as a focus on both, or either as a priority.


We will scour your website for any errors that might prohibit search engines from indexing your site as well as point out areas where you could improve visibility over key competitors. This, in turn, helps increase relevant traffic to your website.

Your SEO Audit will include:

  • Website backlink profile

  • On-page SEO

  • Competitor performance

  • Social media signals

  • Website’s mobile experience

  • Local SEO

  • Website technical performance

  • Content structure and target keywords

PPC Audit

If you're wanting to get more insights about how to shape your Google paid search campaigns for future success, a Pay Per Click (PPC) Audit is perfect! 


Don't let your advertising budget go to waste- our experts will help you get the most out of your digital campaign and ensure a high ROI. All information is confidential and there's no commitment required.

PPC analysis

Mercia Digital's PPC audits are thorough and helpful, providing you with a road map to follow for online advertising success. Our Paid Advertising experts will review every part of your digital advertising campaign--from quality control to effectiveness measures--and provide recommendations on how best to use your budget in order increase ROI.

This often includes us looking at local SEO audits for the best, most accurate data. We also take into account the differences between auction-style PPC advertising, and our other forms of online marketing audits, making sure every avenue is considered. We'll also detail areas where improvement is needed and wasted spend so that you can make changes immediately.


Your PPC Audit will include:

  • Ad copy and conversion review

  • Budget factors causing a loss in impression share

  • Ad relevance factors causing a loss in impression share

  • Keyword analysis to determine budget wasting non-converting terms

  • Analysis of negative keywords

Google Analytics Audit

The Google Analytics (GA) Audit is created to allow you to get the most out of GA and learn granular details about your website traffic and user behaviour.


Oftentimes, there are severe issues with the GA setup which then creates inaccurate data and opportunities not taken. Having a properly set up GA account will provide you with useful business decisions that come from reliable information.


Your Google Analytics Audit will include:

  • Filters and segments for clear data insights

  • Event tracking for user behaviour analysis

  • The correct parameters to understand correlations and relationships

  • Possible goal and conversion points for automated results

  • Understanding your audience with greater detail

  • Opportunities for dashboard configuration

  • Data anomalies – odd results

  • Website changes to enhance analytics

Sales Audit

At Mercia Digital, we want to assist businesses in getting a greater return on investment for all of their marketing platforms. We do this by offering a sales audit that will help increase leads and sales while also promoting your business. 

This is often different from our other online marketing audits, as we focus on not just people, but products too. Our experts will take a look at your current strategies and systems, identify areas where improvement is needed, and develop an effective plan to grow your business.

Your Sales Audit will include:

  • Online lead generation efforts and opportunities

  • Current website traffic vs conversion and how it could improve

  • How connected your marketing is to your sales and how to ensure you’re getting the best results

  • Current sales and marketing strategy

  • Current sales support systems (CRM, email marketing etc)

  • Growth goals and ideas on how to achieve this


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